Just a little about me and the purpose of this site!

SweetBMy name is Megan and I’m a born and raised Iowa girl who decided to switch things up and moved down south to Texas. Ever since I can remember, I’ve ALWAYS been a foodie especially when it comes to sweets. Thanks to mom and both of my grandmothers, I’ve developed a flair for cooking and baking. I owe them dearly for the many tools, tricks and secrets they’ve shared with me over the years.

I love to experiment with food and be creative, but I also adore curling up with a cookbook and finding some new and exciting recipes to try. Food is always on my brain. I am addicted to cooking shows, food magazines, books, blogs, and cookbooks. Often I will put a unique twist on an old traditional favorite, to come up with something new. Thank goodness I have a very open-minded and honest husband as my number one taste tester, along with some great friends and coworkers, who are always willing to be guinea pigs. Creative food ideas are always popping up in my brain, and those ideas have helped me create some pretty tasty things.

Sweet B’s Homemade is a dream come true for me. Some of my inspiration for this blog comes from many other foodie bloggers, as well as the artistic fire inside of me. A main goal of this blog is to share my thoughts of food and my creations with the world. This blog will be an outlet of my thoughts and feelings about the food I eat, want to eat, and have created. I will tell it all…the good, the bad AND…the ugly.

Due to the cottage law here in Texas, I am limited to what I can do with my passion. This law prevents me from sharing my zeal with as many people as I would like. Because of this law, I am only able to share my sweet creations with family members, friends, and friends of friends. Hopefully in the near future I will have the freedom to cook and bake for whomever I please.

I love to make people smile, bring back a memory, and make memories through my baking. Let the memories begin!


  1. Megan, I think it’s truly amazing! If I would have known sooner about it and there would have been more time, I would have made a request for Jeremy’s birthday and a get well after this whole weekend!

    I am behind you 100%

  2. My daughter Megan, I’m so proud of you! Remember all the cutout Christmas and Halloween cookies we made over the years. How about that one beautiful Easter cake with the green coconut grass filled with jelly beans!! You make me proud! Congrats on your future endeavors in the kitchen!

    1. memories …
      We too cut Christmas cookies and have had a house full of younger girls to decorate them … Keep it up Megan!

  3. Really impressed, Megan. Though Joe said that he has yet to taste one of your edibles yet. Ring the bell!
    Proud of you!!

  4. Hey sweetie!!! WOW!!! You are amazing!!! I am definitely going to be trying out some of these recipes! I remember how much you enjoy baking and cooking, but your talent is wonderful!!! Cannot wait to try some of these – hopefully I am able to do your recipes justice!!!

  5. We’ve (Grandma Estes and I) have been bragging about you. We’ve given out your website to friends and relatives. However, we know that you don’t deliver to Northern Iowa on a regular basis. As usual your 86-year-old grandmother baked 20 dozen donuts yesterday. I’m a smaller amount. I made 4 pies today.

    She influenced your baking. Well, guess what? She’s watching the Green Bay Packers play football right now. I wondered who influenced her!!!! Love you, Sweetie!!!

  6. Ohhh myyyy GOSH!!! MEGAN!! The cookies are soooo good. First, when you brought them over, I didn’t have a clue that you made them. I appreciate you putting your card and info on there because I was immediately looking it up. I would be more than happy to be another guinea pig/taste-tester for your creations. I’m in heaven! Thank you so much!!!

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