A Rainbow of Colorful Cupcakes

During one of my morning internet/blog searching sessions, I came across some awesome pictures of multi colored cakes. These cakes were amazing! They had so many colors and designs in them; I knew that this was my next challenge for myself.

 swirl cupcakes

After restocking my color supply, I decided to embark on my new challenge. After whipping up a batch of my favorite vanilla cupcake batter, I set out to work. First things first, I would try to make my cupcakes ready for football season and make them into Green Bay Packer colors (GO PACK GO!). Pouring a little batter into two smaller bowls, I added green food coloring gel to one bowl and yellow to the other. After a quick stir I, began to layer the different colors into the cupcake liners. They turned out perfectly! My Packer cupcakes looked stunning, festive, and were scrumptious.  Of course my sister gave me the seal of approval after receiving her picture text. Allie thought they looked awesome and told me to try out some other colors.

packer cupcakes

Feeling a little more creative and confident, I tried out three colors, pink, purple, and blue. Again I separated the batter into three different bowls, added the color and stirred them up. This time I decided to try to make swirls on top by taking a tooth pick and swirling it on the top of the cupcake. They turned out looking fantastic!

tye dye cupcakes

This was a fun time in my “test kitchen”, I tried out something new and I feel pretty darn good about it. I can’t wait to make these for someone!

colorful cupcake

What have you discovered in your “test kitchen” ?

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