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A Good Thing in a Smaller Package

Recently I attended my friend Jillian’s wedding in Wisconsin. As soon as I walked into the reception hall, my eyes were immediately drawn to Jillian’s unique centerpieces. They were 6 inch wedding cakes! Each table had their own little cake covered in white buttercream frosting, decorated with different designs in her wedding colors. What a cool idea! I knew right then and there that I needed to get a 6 inch cake pan so I can make these adorable little cakes.

After a trip to my favorite cake supply store, I became the proud new owner of a 6 inch cake pan. How perfect! People are always looking for smaller cakes. They often want something for a celebration but don’t want the guilt of eating too much cake and I completely understand. Smaller cakes are also ideal for people that don’t want to spend too much and have too much leftover. For some folks, it’s just enough cake without over doing it.

It seems to be a trend in the baking world. People want smaller cakes. You will notice this in your chain supermarket stores and bakeries; smaller cakes and even half cakes are very popular. Consumers want their cake, but they don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on it. This might also explain why cupcakes are all the rage right now. Sometimes, a 6 inch cake is the way to go!

Last week I made a 6 inch cake for a 1 year old’s birthday. The cake was used as a topper for a cupcake tower. It turned out to be very cute! It was decorated perfectly for a little girl. Pink and purple ribbons of butter cream surrounded the little cake with purple covering the top. The cupcakes were decorated with white, purple and pink buttercream with a sprinkle of colorful jimmies on top.  The 6 incher is definitely one of my favorites to make and decorate and please believe that I’m adding it to the menu. It’s budget friendly and you will love how charming and tasty this miniature cake is.


One positive thing about a tile kitchen floor is that it is very easy to clean up baking messes. One negative about that tile kitchen floor, is sore, and tired feet. After spending hours barefoot in my kitchen, I would be hobbling around on my sore and Crocstired feet; I knew I needed to find some comfy kitchen shoes.


I went through a couple trial and errors. First I tried my trusty flip-flops, which were not a good choice; they were too thin and they did not have enough support. Then I went to my favorite pair of tennis shoes, which worked for a while, but I really did not want to wear the same shoes I walk around outside in, inside the house. And I wanted something that was easy to kick off or slip on. As a religious watcher of Food Network, I had noticed many of the chefs wearing Crocs. My sister also wears them at work, around the house and has raved about how comfortable they are. It only made sense Crocsto try them out.


One outlet mall trip later and I had me a brand spankin’ new pair of Crocs! My feet were in love with them the minute they had their first step. After being on my feet for about 5 hours baking and decorating eight dozen cookies, my Crocs passed the test. They have great cushion and support, and my feet and I are very thankful for these new shoes. They are worn everyday in my kitchen.


I like my Crocs so much, that on our trip the Mall of America, I had to get myself another pair… well make that two pairs. These are some really cute Crocs that are flats, that I can wear to school, and now I will be comfy all day long.

  brown crocsblack crocsHow do you keep your feet comfortable in the kitchen?