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Sweet Determination

For the past 3 years, I have been on a quest to find the perfect white cake recipe.  I have been looking for a moist, soft, and flavorful cake.  I have tried dozens upon dozens of recipes, only to be disappointed.  I have thrown away many, many batches of cupcakes, because they were too dry, had a strange texture and overall a blah flavor.  I have been creative adding and subtracting different ingredients, but had not yet found the perfect combination that I was looking for…..until Saturday night.

I believe I have finally discovered the perfect recipe for the white cake that I have been searching for.  This cake is moist, very flavorful and has an amazingly light and soft texture.  They were absolutely delicious fresh out of the oven and even more tasty with a smooth vanilla frosting.  These little guys are the answer to my cupcake prayers! The cupcakes were still moist and scrumptious the next day.  I even decided to do a test and leave a few out on the counter all night and low and behold….they were still fluffy and delish.

I know that I have only tried this new recipe once, and I still need to test it more and possibly make some changes, but I am super pumped.  I still need to do some taste tests, which will be happening this week, so get ready friends and family!!

What have I learned from this? If at first you don’t succeed, dust that flour off and try again!

A Good Thing in a Smaller Package

Recently I attended my friend Jillian’s wedding in Wisconsin. As soon as I walked into the reception hall, my eyes were immediately drawn to Jillian’s unique centerpieces. They were 6 inch wedding cakes! Each table had their own little cake covered in white buttercream frosting, decorated with different designs in her wedding colors. What a cool idea! I knew right then and there that I needed to get a 6 inch cake pan so I can make these adorable little cakes.

After a trip to my favorite cake supply store, I became the proud new owner of a 6 inch cake pan. How perfect! People are always looking for smaller cakes. They often want something for a celebration but don’t want the guilt of eating too much cake and I completely understand. Smaller cakes are also ideal for people that don’t want to spend too much and have too much leftover. For some folks, it’s just enough cake without over doing it.

It seems to be a trend in the baking world. People want smaller cakes. You will notice this in your chain supermarket stores and bakeries; smaller cakes and even half cakes are very popular. Consumers want their cake, but they don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on it. This might also explain why cupcakes are all the rage right now. Sometimes, a 6 inch cake is the way to go!

Last week I made a 6 inch cake for a 1 year old’s birthday. The cake was used as a topper for a cupcake tower. It turned out to be very cute! It was decorated perfectly for a little girl. Pink and purple ribbons of butter cream surrounded the little cake with purple covering the top. The cupcakes were decorated with white, purple and pink buttercream with a sprinkle of colorful jimmies on top.  The 6 incher is definitely one of my favorites to make and decorate and please believe that I’m adding it to the menu. It’s budget friendly and you will love how charming and tasty this miniature cake is.

A Rainbow of Colorful Cupcakes

During one of my morning internet/blog searching sessions, I came across some awesome pictures of multi colored cakes. These cakes were amazing! They had so many colors and designs in them; I knew that this was my next challenge for myself.

 swirl cupcakes

After restocking my color supply, I decided to embark on my new challenge. After whipping up a batch of my favorite vanilla cupcake batter, I set out to work. First things first, I would try to make my cupcakes ready for football season and make them into Green Bay Packer colors (GO PACK GO!). Pouring a little batter into two smaller bowls, I added green food coloring gel to one bowl and yellow to the other. After a quick stir I, began to layer the different colors into the cupcake liners. They turned out perfectly! My Packer cupcakes looked stunning, festive, and were scrumptious.  Of course my sister gave me the seal of approval after receiving her picture text. Allie thought they looked awesome and told me to try out some other colors.

packer cupcakes

Feeling a little more creative and confident, I tried out three colors, pink, purple, and blue. Again I separated the batter into three different bowls, added the color and stirred them up. This time I decided to try to make swirls on top by taking a tooth pick and swirling it on the top of the cupcake. They turned out looking fantastic!

tye dye cupcakes

This was a fun time in my “test kitchen”, I tried out something new and I feel pretty darn good about it. I can’t wait to make these for someone!

colorful cupcake

What have you discovered in your “test kitchen” ?

Playing with My New Toys

whitecupcakesSo my dear friend Annie invited us over to hang out with her family that was visiting from Iowa. Of course I did not want to go over empty handed, so I decided to bring something sweet. I had been dying to use the new decorating tools my mom had sent me and thought why not make cupcakes. Not knowing what kind of cake her family would like, I thought that white cake would be a safe bet. Once the cupcakes had cooled the really fun part began.


bagholderThe Wilton ties worked out better than I had expected and the stand was very useful as well. By the looks of the plastic ties, I thought would have to put up with them breaking easily and have to revert back to twisting it by hand the old-fashioned way. Surprisingly they were pretty strong and easy to move down the bag as I worked. The stand helped me keep my work area neat and orderly. Before this, I was dealing with a cluttered work space with bags of frosting everywhere.


cupcakecloseupThe finished products were beautiful! I practiced some of the techniques I had learned in my Wilton decorating class, along with things I have seen online and anything else my little heart desired. One of the techniques I really enjoy is striping the bag, which is done very easily. All you have to do is put one color of frosting in one side of the bag and a different color on the other side and tada… you get a beautiful tye-dye effect. This technique also helps to create some beautiful dual colored flowers. Some of the cupcakes were decorated with flowers and leaves. Others were decorated with tye-dye swirls, which happen to be a favorite of mine. I’m pretty proud of my cute little cupcakes!


cupcakesThe Wilton tip caps mom gave really came in handy. Since I didn’t use all of my butter cream, I was able to cap my decorating bags and save the rest of the frosting for later. And what’s even greater, is that all of the butter cream was still soft and fresh the next day. Anyone serious about decorating may want to consider these Wilton items.