One Tough Cookie

Like every good baker, every now and then I go into other bakeries and test out their goodies. I like to check out what’s new in the baking world, taste their different flavors and frostings. This helps me to get new ideas on different flavor profiles and decorating ideas. I like to do my research and see what Sweet B’s is up against.

Being a foodie, I love to talk about food with everyone. In one of my most recent conversations with a coworker, we were talking about a new bakery that is in our area. She was raving about their sugar cookies and how they were the best sugar cookies she has ever had. This sparked my interest. Right after work, I made a detour and stopped at the bakery and picked up a couple of their sugar cookies. These cookies waited patiently on the passenger seat, until I got home so I could give them my undivided attention.

This bakery had huge circle sugar cookies that were topped with colored royal icing, and they looked delicious. After pulling the cookies out of the bag, I noticed how crumbly they were; they completely fell apart. Both cookies were in pieces before I even got to try them. After a few bites, I realized they reminded me of something. They have a processed taste similar to the cookies that you buy in the tin at Christmastime, and I was not impressed.

Nothing about the cookies made my taste buds excited. I didn’t think they were special at all. Sugar cookies should have a light taste with a hint of vanilla. They shouldn’t be overly sweet, dry or crumbly. Even the frosting should not be so sweet that it takes away from the cookie. Well, this is my obviously biased but honest opinion. Of course I think that I make a much better sugar cookie. I think I’ll take a few of my sugar cookies to let my coworker try and get her opinion. What’s your idea of a a good sugar cookie?


  1. Yes indeed, because your cookies rock… Many years ago my grandmother, or one of my great aunts had me help make some SUPER big sugar cookies that were almost cake like (I think because there was cake flour or cake mix in them). I wish I could find that recipe again, because they were so light and fluffy. Let me know if you run across one!

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