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Playing with My New Toys

whitecupcakesSo my dear friend Annie invited us over to hang out with her family that was visiting from Iowa. Of course I did not want to go over empty handed, so I decided to bring something sweet. I had been dying to use the new decorating tools my mom had sent me and thought why not make cupcakes. Not knowing what kind of cake her family would like, I thought that white cake would be a safe bet. Once the cupcakes had cooled the really fun part began.


bagholderThe Wilton ties worked out better than I had expected and the stand was very useful as well. By the looks of the plastic ties, I thought would have to put up with them breaking easily and have to revert back to twisting it by hand the old-fashioned way. Surprisingly they were pretty strong and easy to move down the bag as I worked. The stand helped me keep my work area neat and orderly. Before this, I was dealing with a cluttered work space with bags of frosting everywhere.


cupcakecloseupThe finished products were beautiful! I practiced some of the techniques I had learned in my Wilton decorating class, along with things I have seen online and anything else my little heart desired. One of the techniques I really enjoy is striping the bag, which is done very easily. All you have to do is put one color of frosting in one side of the bag and a different color on the other side and tada… you get a beautiful tye-dye effect. This technique also helps to create some beautiful dual colored flowers. Some of the cupcakes were decorated with flowers and leaves. Others were decorated with tye-dye swirls, which happen to be a favorite of mine. I’m pretty proud of my cute little cupcakes!


cupcakesThe Wilton tip caps mom gave really came in handy. Since I didn’t use all of my butter cream, I was able to cap my decorating bags and save the rest of the frosting for later. And what’s even greater, is that all of the butter cream was still soft and fresh the next day. Anyone serious about decorating may want to consider these Wilton items.




Thanks Mama


me and mom

Moms are the best, aren’t they?! Well I have to say that mine is the absolute best! Hopefully someday, I will be the mom that she continues to be. As a single mom, my mom raised two girls, worked an 8-5 job, helped take care of our needs, and always managed to get a good meal on the table. My sister and I were always part of the meal, be it setting the table, cooking part of the meal, or sitting in the kitchen while mom quizzed us on our spelling words. Yep, you read that right. We sat on the kitchen stool (which mom still has in the kitchen today) and studied or read aloud to mom, kicking or screaming we had to do it. Our kitchen has always been an important part of our lives.


Mom taught me many wonderful things in the kitchen, and most of them require patience, which I need more of at times. She taught me the importance of creaming the butter, eggs and sugar together, to read the recipe completely before starting it,(many mistakes were made before I knew this) and most recently how to make and can homemade jam. Mom always comes to the rescue when I have a baking question or crisis. Mom has and will always be one of my greatest teachers, inside and out of the kitchen.


Because we live so far away, we frequently talk on the phone. On one of the last calls, she told me to watch for a package in the mail. WOOO WHOO!!! Any article of mail that does not look, smell, or feel like a bill is much appreciated! A couple of days later the package arrived. My husband let me know the minute I walked in the door that the package was here. He was also quick to tell me that he thought HIS name was on the package and he already opened it…AND he said the rhubarb-raspberry jam was awesome. Right, he thought his name was on it, hmm he knew there was going to be some kind of food in it and he wanted first dibs. Very tricky Mr. but I am not falling for that one.

I looked in the opened box and it was like Christmas! Mom sent two jars of homemade jam, rhubarb-raspberry and pear-raspberry. YUM! And she also sent me some decorating goodies from Wilton, icing bag ties, a decorating bag holder and tip covers!! Just what I have been eying at Michaels everytime I am there. I am excited about my new toys and I can’t wait to use them! Who wants frosted sugar cookies?

moms jam


ties and tips

Thanks Mama, you are the greatest! Love ya!