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A Cool 4th of July Treat

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July!! We decided to relax in the backyard mow, weed eat, edge, prune the roses, and weed the garden today. Of course, here in the Houston heat, the temperature is1 ice cream sand 95 degrees, but it feels more like 105. So after our hard work outside, we were in need of a nap and a cool treat.

What’s better then homemade ice cream sandwiches! Like my Grandma, I like to keep a couple of extra cookies in the freezer, just in case. Plus if they are out of sight, they are out of mind, right? Out of the freezer came the chocolate chip cookies and the ice cream. After the ice cream had softened, I put a scoop on the cookies and gently placed the other cookies on top. A word to the wise: don’t try3 ice creams to decorate them yet or else…you will get a huge ice cream mess, I speak from experience. I let the sandwiches firm up in the freezer a bit. Then I decorated them with red and blue stars, blue sugar and some red hots. Back into the freezer they went, for about 45 minutes to set.

What an easy and festive treat! Ice cream sandwiches are the perfect treat to cool you down on the hottest of days.

Happy 4th of July!


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