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Heaven in a Jar!

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I have just discovered Nutella!! I know…crazy right? It is a rich combination of chocolate and hazelnuts made into a spread. It is heaven in a jar. After giving my husband a spoonful, he suggested making it into a pie. Hmmm…could I really do this? Yes I can! I make a deliciously fluffy and smooth peanut butter pie (I call Peanut Butter Passion) so why couldn’t I just substitute the peanut butter for Nutella? Did it work? Of course it did. I decided to grind up some hazelnuts and put them in the chocolate cookie-like crust. I also decorated the top of the pie with homemade fudge sauce (which makes an excellent 2am bite of sweetness) and chopped hazelnuts. My husband tried it first and to say the least…he LOVED it. He still raves about it. Being allergic to certain nuts, I took a very small bite. To my pleasant surprise…I lived to tell about it. The pie is really the silkiest and smoothest pie I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

hazelnut chocolate pie crust

hazelnut chocolate pie shot

hazelnut chocolate pie close up shot

hazelnut chocolate pie side shot